About Køge Business College

Køge Business College is a major regional educational Institution. In close collaboration with businesses and organizations, we develop educations, activities, projects etc. at all levels. We provide and distribute educations for all stages of lifelong learning on which the welfare of the society depends. Our focus is to provide knowledge and theory that our pupils, students and course participants can use in practice. Our college enables you to get the key to the future.



At our college we have many jubilee celebrations. In our view, that is a great strength. The staff members often stay for many years, and our colleagues express that they choose to stay because there is room for differences, freedom with responsibility, and because curiosity and initiative are rewarded. We are delighted to be an organization with many different professional groups who create joint dynamics in their cross-disciplinary cooperation as well as individuals who put their own personal fingerprint on the organization.

We consider it of high value to preserve the curiosity and the professional ambitions throughout all of our careers.

The values and competences of all of our staff are also those of the organization, which we are very proud of:

  • We are professional and leading in the field
  • We are attractive business partners
  • We are innovative, curious and creative
  • We have a focus on organizational change
  • We always have our main focus on learning

Køge Business College is also well esteemed by our pupils, students, course participants and close business partners. This is expressed in satisfaction surveys and evaluations where our college is singled out on different parameters, e.g. our commitment, professionalism and close relation to pupils, students and clients. We value highly our good relations to everybody we meet.

At Køge Business College we respect everybody irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We safeguard the Danish democracy and values, and we comply with international human rights. Everybody is treated with equality and respect without any regard to his or her background.



Køge Business College is a network organization which takes part in a range of collaborations. We continuously endeavor to develop as a flexible business partner by conscious planning of objectives and resources, strengthening of the organizational competences and stabilization of growth.

Since 2016, Køge Business College has been accredited as a VET Mobility Charter school by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. We will continue to work to strengthen the international vision of our college. Students as well as teachers must have the possibility to become acquainted with studying abroad with an academic and practical content. Our core services continue to be Erasmus+ projects that are EU-supported studies abroad for students in the EU with work placement and language studies for three weeks. We are working on student exchange of classes with Germany through Interreg, and in the future also with France.



We develop in interaction with an increasingly globalized world. Our focus is on innovative methods, strategic partnerships with the business and educational sectors, and the development of tools to ensure that efficiency and quality go hand in hand - also in the future. Through collaboration, we constantly seek to break barriers - both geographical and conventional ones.

Internationally we continue to develop networks through Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, and today we are visible within European organizations and networks such as Cedefop, Eqvet and Efvet.



Our ambition is to eventually be an active partner in a completed CAMPUS Køge and, together with the other partners in CAMPUS Køge, to become the preferred business partner and knowledge center of the region.



We continue to invest in an increasing level of professionalism, through continuous training and education of our staff. The internal development of competences is also a joint project that is taken very seriously at all levels in the organization.



Køge Business College is today a well-established trademark of high quality educations and activities on all levels of the educational system:

  • Higher Commercial Examination (HHX)
  • Vocational education qualifying for access to higher education (EUX) & vocational upper secondary education (EUD) for young people – the main course located at Ørnevej in Køge
  • Vocational education and training for adults (EUV) – both EUV business and EUV-courses for graduate students
  • Work placement center Køge, located at Ørnevej in Køge
  • Consultancy and Training Centre KHS – courses, educational programmes, consultancy services, continuing training and organizational development for private and public clients
  • We provide and/or offer Adult Vocational Training (AMU), Academy Profession Programmes and Diploma Degree Programmes at bachelor level. Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (Erhvervsakademi Sjælland) has the right to offer the programmes in Academy Profession and Diploma Degree in Leadership, and we have the right to offer AMU and the Public Leadership Programme.



We distribute and promote higher education – educational programmes as offered by ministerial order as well as income-generated activities. For instance we offer the Diploma in Leadership Programme in cooperation with EASJ. Furthermore we distribute and promote our Master in Leadership (M.Sc.) on behalf of the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom.



Køge Business College plays a central role in CAMPUS Køge, which is now under construction. The co-operation includes Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (Erhvervsakademi Sjælland), EUC Zealand, Køge Municipality, UUV, Zealand Business College (ZBC) and Roskilde University Centre (RUC).



Køge Business College has around 210 employees in the areas of teaching, administration and service. All educational programmes and centers are located at Uddannelsesvej and Campusbuen at CAMPUS Køge, except for the Work Placement Centre, which is located at Ørnevej 2 in Køge.